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$40.00 mug

updated mon 25 jul 05


Sheron Roberts on sun 24 jul 05

I placed several small (espresso) porcelain mugs, glazed with
Conrad's Moonlight Blue, in the coffee shop/art gallery near
where I work along with larger mugs in differant colors.
These I priced at $14.00 each. I also placed a
few porcelain thrown and carved steins at $35.00-45.00 each.
The steins are elaborate with vines, dragons, grapes, stone
walls, etc.. I have sold almost all the blue mugs and not the
first stein. For some reason people do not have a problem
paying my price for such small mugs when I have larger mugs
available at the same price. Maybe it's the color or maybe it's=20
the function that make the little mugs sell so well. =20
Sheron in NC
where it has rained off and on for almost two weeks and now
the great outdoor is like a sauna