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overwhelmed beginner now focused

updated mon 25 jul 05


gjudson on sun 24 jul 05

Thanks to all for great suggestions that help to get me more focused!


It is like being invited to an incredible "all you can eat" buffet with =
the finest dishes imaginable laid out for your selection. Well, you =
want to
try them all to find the very best! So you load up your plate but there =
no way you can eat everything on that plate. You still have to choose!
Which reminds me of my brother-in-law's admonishment: "Waste not, want
not." So I will try to limit what I put on my plate to what I can eat.


Holly sent a source for the glaze descriptors that I was wishing for so =
I have the beginning of a great system of record keeping. A friend here =
San Antonio accused me of being obsessively compulsive. Guilty. But it
feels so good to be "organized"!


Thanks all!

Gay Judson in San Antonio, TX