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(mel's mention of ) what is a mug worth? - now,

updated tue 26 jul 05


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on sun 24 jul 05

the time to make them to be considered...

Hi Mel,

...allow me your opinion please? From your experience?

How many 'decent' Mugs can an accomplished Potter, to where
they are 'done', finished, ready to sell?

Working real days, long days, as most Artisans traditionally
worked...especially independant ones.

Not 'Banker's Hours'...

Mugs with Handles, no Trimming, spanked Bottoms, glazed, if someone really
knows what they are doing, and does it proficiently?

Either glazed and single fired, or, bisqued, glazed and fired...

How many of us watched those old Films from before the War, which sincultura
sent in the link to?

Did we not also see the pulling and attatchment of Handles, albeit, to
Pitchers, and not to 'Mugs', but still...the time-and-trouble for the pulled
Handle would be about the same, yes?

...did any of us watch those interesing little films of Old-Time production
Potters at their tasks?

How many may we imagine would those boys and girls have got lined up on the
Ware Boards?

Three days Throwing, two and a half days for finish them.

What do you think is a number one might achieve?

I am just curious, interested...



Las Vegas

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From: "mel jacobson"

> i say.
> what are your pots worth?
> what is a mug...just a pot.
> make your life about average. every pot you make
> hits that average.
> so, some are 60 bucks
> some are 20 bucks.
> who cares?
> maybe some are 1,000 bucks.
> try and sell and get rid of what you make.
> it is the pots that sit around unsold that are the problem.
> what can you do with that wasted time?
> make a number in your head.
> every time you make a pot...that is the number.
> think...40 bucks.
> every time you make a pot.
> it is the average....not what you get for this or that.
> add up all the pots you make in one year.
> add up all the money you made in one year.
> take out expenses.
> average.
> that is what you get for your pots.
> (some of you will pee your god, its 57 cents.
> it takes longer to make a mug than a fifty dollar bowl.
> i take mugs out of the average.
> i give most of them hundred dollar bill.
> you get a mug.
> mugs are about promotion and care of customers.
> they come back. they buy your average.
> mel
> from mel/
> website:
> for gail's year book.