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the $40.00 mug - and, maybe, the snow job too - now,

updated tue 26 jul 05


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on mon 25 jul 05

a rephrase of the quirey to see if it makes a difference

Hi Tony,

You seem to have misunderstood my missive, and my meaning...

Lets try again?

How many 'good' Mugs, (meaning Mugs that you owuld think of as 'good', ) do
you feel, can be the goal, for a Journeyman Potter to make, in one week, so
that they are all finished and ready to Market, when the week is dedicated
only to making Mugs?

It can even be a 'hard' week say, just to get them 'done' that part of
one's inventory is satisfied for some time.

That was the salient component of my question.

That was the actual subject.


Las Vegas

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From: "clennell"

>Phil: Last time I bought a Bison tool it was $55 US. Bend a bit of tungsten
> carbide , turn a few handles and i figure using your economics you ought
> be a millionaire. Why aren't you? Your analogy of a week of pot making
> us all know you have never been a potter. I had a guy watch me make mugs
> day and figured I was making $750 a hour. Throwing, trimming and handling
> make up about 10-15% of what we do in our studios.
> How do you justify $55 for a trimming tool? Let me guess- there are
> countless hours involved! Same for the mug maker. The snow is deep in the
> deserts of Nevada.
> cheers,
> Tony