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wood-fired, hand-trimmed, canadian beasties

updated tue 26 jul 05


Elizabeth Priddy on mon 25 jul 05

So if we pulled all those mugs
regardless of price, all of them,
out and put them on a table,
I wonder two things.

Which one would you choose to drink from?

And which one cost/is worth $40?

It's like Indiana trying to pick the holy grail
from a table full of cups.

Is there any true qualitative difference?

And even if it was wood-fired, trimmed,
Canadian beastie, what if it did not fit your hand?


Elizabeth Priddy

1273 Hwy 101
Beaufort, NC 28516

*If you are an extra-sensitive
or easily-offended type:
Remember that what I say is obviously
just my opinion based on my experiences
and that I, like most people, don't go around
intending to step on toes and make folks cry.
Take it with a grain of salt.
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