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bats and bathouses made of clay

updated wed 27 jul 05


Rhonda Kale on mon 25 jul 05

Hello all...
Regarding the current thread about creating bathouses out of clay-I used to do animal rehab and also as a past President of the local Audubon Club, we put out various houses and living quarters for various species. I would strongly suggest that you all go to the website of Bat Conservational International,
and you will find all you need to know about bats.
Did you know that bats eat up to 500 mosquitos an hour and a nursing mother will eat triple that?? Also that if it weren't for bats, we would not have some fruit and the reason they are on the Bacardi Rum bottle is because they are instrumental in the making of rum? And bananas....
The location of their housing is strongly influenced by whether they are a group of males, a nursing colony, and they are strongly infuenced by their choice of box by where it is at, the median temp in and around the box and also the species of bat in your area.
I think they also have bathouse plans on the website.Go take a look and see what you can discover about them.

Rhonda Kale
Charter Potters Council Member