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updated thu 28 jul 05


Pat Southwood on thu 28 jul 05

I'm guessing $40 =3D=3D about =A320 ??

At the Craft Potters Assoc do at the Royal College of Art recently the =
cheapest mug was =A315 and the most expensive I saw was =A345
So, who charges twenty quid in England.......
Last year I bought a Kevin De Choisey mug for =A320 and felt is was =
worth every penny. Sexy mug, sensual glazing . Didn't like the fact that =
it had to be ground at the base.
Rightly or wrongly, I feel that anything more than a quick grind ( if =
you will pardon the expression) to be an excuse for not getting the =
glaze, or the footring right.
Too much work for a mug.
I also bought a Lisa Hammond soda fired mug for =A318 pounds and was =
pleased with my purchase.=20
If I had to do it on a who has worked harder and more sucessfully for =
this pot ,
hmm, dunno,=20
One is admired for the control and the other is admired for its =
but it is a controlled looseness.
Controlled looseness
Looseness controlled .
Pat Southwood