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bowl/bowel slip, was what does it take to make a good mug?

updated thu 28 jul 05


Pam Cresswell on wed 27 jul 05

LOL. Earlier this year, I was in a group show, and it fell to me to type up
the labels and price list for all of us. I was working from the hand written
lists the other potters gave to me. One of the folks consistently spelled
bowl as "bowel", i.e.:
small red bowel with scrafitto, $20.00
Large Raku Bowel with metallic lusters and crackles, $40.00

I was so very very tempted to make the labels exactly as written, and maybe
I should have, it would have livened things up :-)

Pam, in KC where the weather has taken a turn for the much cooler, and it is
almost time to send the teen and 'tween back to school!!! It is cool enough
to do a happy dance!!


>>Jim, you DO mean BOWL don't you? cause you can't REALLY chose your
>>bowel....... I mean you have two and what you eat visits both......

>>Earl Brunner
>>Las Vegas, NV

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>>>I know I find
>>>myself picking the glass , bowel , plate or cup by what
>>>I plan on consuming. Ice tea in this tumbler,
>>>Captain Crunch in this bowel,...