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updated thu 28 jul 05


Andie Plamondon on wed 27 jul 05

This made me wonder how many potters feel this way after pregnancy -

I, too, had a tough pregnancy, and tough recovery from surgery, and well,
tough to throw with a baby eating every two hours -

It turned into about a year and a half of not working with clay, and now,
it's like starting over - rebuilding the muscles, remembering each form.

I wonder how long it takes to feel 100% caught up after having a baby? And I
wonder how other moms with studios do it - are we all burning the candle at
both ends, trying to schedule some throwing here & there, in between diapers
& bottles & Teletubbies? Are other moms throwing at 2 am when the baby is
sound asleep, and paying for it in the morning?

:) Andie

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From: "Elizabeth Priddy"
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> I have had the speed bump of all speed bumps.
> I have had two years to think about pots and not do.
> The pregnancy was very difficult. The recovery and
> the baby are just now under control. And I am indeed
> back out making pots. But I feel like a beginner. In
> my ideation, I am. The freaky weirdness of it is, though...