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thanks for bat house info!/plus some

updated sat 30 jul 05


dannon rhudy on thu 28 jul 05

This is slightly off the point of the bat houses,

I had a visit from a friend from Texas this summer
who is interested in bats. He told me that fairly
recently (don't remember HOW recently) there
has been information on pilots sighting clouds of
bats, thousands and thousands at 25,000 - 30,000
feet. Apparently this has been reported before,
but the pilots were just not believed. It seems
that there are zillions of moths that fly high and
higher to catch winds that carry them wherever it
is that moths want to go, and the bats follow the
moths. The flocks? herds? groups? of bats are
somewhat of a hazard to jet engines, but since there
isn't anything that can be done about it, - just carry

Texas has tremendous swarms(?) of bats. They
thrive there because Texas also has tremendous
swarms of insects. I read somewhere that Texas
bats consume 250 thousand pounds of insects every
night.....hmmmm. Long may bats live.


Dannon Rhudy