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glaze wash

updated sun 31 jul 05


kim b. on fri 29 jul 05

Hi all; I have been experimenting with what I call a Glaze Wash. Someone else probably already has a name for it!??! I make things with leaf impressions on them and wanted the leaf veins to show up better. I took a few of my regular cone 6 glazes and sponge wiped them on, let sit for a few minutes then took a slightly damp sponge and wiped most of it off, except for the deeper leaf lines. I have a turquoise glaze that came out light blue with tinges of golden tan which I love. Also have a blue that turns black when wiped down. Anyway, has anyone else experimented with this? The other question is.........if it's cone 6 clay and cone 6 glaze it IS still vitrified (correct word?) enough to be food safe right?? I am mostly self-taught, so I am on my own out here! thanks for any input, Kim B.

Kim Bowdish, KGB POTTERY, Severance, Colorado 970-686-6706

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