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rutile wash without gertsley

updated mon 1 aug 05


mel jacobson on sun 31 jul 05

there are some simple experiments that folks can
do that do not have gertsley borate handy.

take your favorite glaze recipe. make a half cup...using teaspoons
as measure. (you don't have to be the 1/10 of a gram.)

add to that mixture about the same amount of rutile/iron/mixed.
vary the amounts. and, vary the amount of water you use. thick to thin.
then try it with copper mixed in. vary the amounts.
(please don't ask for a recipe..this is a theory.)

what you are doing is giving your rutile/iron wash a bit of flux.
let the flux be your favorite glaze. it will blend well with
what you are putting it on.

try brushing it on top, or between layers of glaze.

of course if you have works as a natural flux
for the wash.

again, vary amounts, vary the thickness, keep some simple
notes on what you are doing. for those that love to paint,
this becomes a natural.

once you understand the idea, you have about 300 variations
on a theme. if you are a careful note taker, you have almost
a thousand new recipes.
from mel/
for gail's year book.