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empty bowls, edmonton alberta......making ugly faster?

updated fri 5 aug 05


Jim Willett on thu 4 aug 05

We had over 20 VIPs from government and business (along with City TV) come
to our studio yesterday morning to throw or hand build bowls for an auction
which will be held at a dinner function for the Edmonton Women's Shelter
(WinHouse) Empty Bowls project on September 26th. None of these people had a
chance to take design 101, none took longer than a half hour to complete a
bowl, and probably few if any will fit the requirements for the best pot
ever, but there is a very good chance they will sell for a fine price none
the less.

This was our way of giving support to a very worthwhile cause, raising
public awareness of the upcoming auction, and yes, getting publicity for the

Others of you who are involved with Empty Bowls in your area might find this
approach interesting. Sure, it disrupted our studio for a few hours, but
everyone needs a speed bump now and then!

You can see the story at

Jim and Cindy
Out of the Fire Studio
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada