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need someone to glaze 150+ decorative tiles

updated fri 5 aug 05


Samuel Streed on thu 4 aug 05

Hi everyone,

I'm not a potter, but someone who is one told me to try this listserv for
what I'm looking for. She said "they're a great bunch of people!"


I work for a New York City AIDS Organization called AIDS Service Center NYC.
We are creating a wall where people can dedicate tiles to those they wish
to honor or memorialize.

So we've come to the point where we need to figure out how to actually
procure blank tiles and then have them glazed.

The tiles need to be 6"x6" and there are 5 or 6 designs that will repeat.
These we've created already with our graphic designer (i.e. a sunshine, a
leaf, random designs, etc.). We will start off with 150 tiles, but will
probably continue the project. About three-fourths will have a name or
names written on them. Each one will therefore be unique.

To read more about the specifics, please visit:

Since it's not only a wall, but a fundraising tool, we're trying to keep
costs down, while still having nice, professional-looking tiles displayed in
our reception area. We are open to using stencils/screen prints for
applying the glaze on repeating designs, if you think that will be cheaper.

So, if you or anyone you know could do this sort of thing, please email me
at I don't know if I'll be able to figure how to follow
this thread, so emailing me directly will be helpful, especially if you're
recommending yourself. This project will probably be easiest if you are
NYC-based, I'm guessing but I'm open to suggestions.

We will need to talk price and timeline some point. Right now, we'd like to
get it done before December. Is that ridiculous?

Anyway, thanks for the help and for the patience if I'm doing something
wrong w/r/t this listserv.


Samuel Streed
Communications Manager
AIDS Service Center NYC