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wood firing/ kiln construction

updated sat 6 aug 05


GaryNavarre on fri 5 aug 05

Hay Crew,
The foundation is complete so I started a new album of laying brick, There is still a bit of
overexposure, especially with the new brick, but one can get the idea. I
just restacked the stack to bring the rear edge back to the rear edge of the
floor and made the exit flue 18" wide for 3 brick and the 4th. layer 16"
spanned with the block. It looks and feels a lot cleaner and gives an
opening of 175 sq." It's been so hot recently I had to work at night so, as
always, progress is slow.

I'm rather curious about shot #6. If there are any psychics among us I'd
be interested in what you think. Gail Philips thinks it might be baloon
animals from another lifetime but they've only been around in this life and
I've never made them. Could it be a premination I should give all this up
and join the circus. I'd probably fit right in with all the freaks at winter
camp in Florida. I helped put up a Tilt-A-Whirl for a travling show in
Traverse City once, so I have some experience. All I'd have to do is learn
how to pick-pocket, do my Yoga trick of becoming invisable, and I'd have it
made. No more of the ego driven madness of the Art scene for me.

Stay in there!

G in Da UP
Navarre Pottery
Navarre Enterprises
Norway, Michigan, USA