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subject: re: vote for the person-rice bowl project

updated sun 7 aug 05


Noelle Gomes on sat 6 aug 05

Cindy Clarke, I viewed your site and I was especially enamored of your
Souffle/baking dishes. I appreciate the work of those who are self taught.
There is something very inspiring about seeing someone develop their own
business so independently. A lot is to be learned from the regulars here
but ultimately we all have to decide for ourselves how we feel about our
work. As a newbie and student in college, I am thankful for the criticism I
receive when it helps me improve. Recently however, I had a day in a
painting class when there were so many areas of my painting that needed work
(one area too in focus, another area too flat, etc) and I could only work on
one thing at a time and so each time my professor would come over and point
out something that needed work, I would feel like, " I know, I know, I just
haven't gotten to that part yet!" Each time I would move to work on one
area, he would point out another. I became so frustrated. Suddenly,
criticism was not helpful because I became scattered and unable to focus.
Ultimately I had to just take it all in and work on my own and take my time
and do what came from within me . I know that I can apply the skills and
techniques taught, but my artistic expression could not be squelched either.
Ultimately it is what comes out of our own self that makes our work unique.
Fitting into a popular or academic aesthetic is not the goal. It is hard
to be a student, criticized at every turn. It is not that I want my back
patted all the time, but a combination of the two helps get through the
process of change and growth.
At any rate, I just wanted to tell you that I liked your dishes. I may not be knowlegeable on the subject of good pots, but I am like most consumers who are not knowledgeable either, so if I like them and they like them and they buy them, then...isn't that what matters? Make lots and lots of pots today and have fun doing it. It must be fun if you spend so many hours at it and do not wear out. Well done. Noelle