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updated fri 12 aug 05


Marcia Selsor on thu 11 aug 05

I don't have the images of the Spanish potters on line. But I
recently bought a great slide scanner and I am preparing for the
Potters Council's Tile conference. I am digging through old slides.
This scanner helps erase scratches and clean old slides. IO always
though I should do a book on our adventures in Spain because after
Spain joined the Common Market in 1986 , now European community, most
of the traditional potters died out. I have a very solid record of
what they were doing at that moment in time.
Lots to do as I get older.
On Aug 11, 2005, at 3:17 PM, Karen Latorre wrote:

> Marcia, I think you're right. I think it was Figueres.
> It felt like you were walking in the front door of people's homes, but
> instead of finding a living room or common room, you invariably found
> yourself in a pottery studio! And in the little stretch we covered,
> it was
> every 2nd or 3rd door, and my uncle seemed to be picking doors at
> random ..
> just snooping around!!
> The large plate hangs on the wall of my dining room. It is actually
> a glazed
> piece, pewter base with slip trailed yellow, red, and pink
> decorations. Very
> unique, and nothing like anything I'd seen prior or in fact since!
> I also have a number of the functional unglazed water jugs and
> large olive
> oil pitchers.
> I unfortunately did not take my camera with me that day (silly me),
> so all I
> have are my memories and my pots. If you have any of these images
> online,
> please send me a link to them. I'd love to relive the experience
> now that I
> have a few years of clay under my belt.
> Karen Latorre
> (last updated August 10, 2005)
> just north of Belleville, Ontario