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level wheel head, level tables

updated sun 14 aug 05


Gordon Ward on fri 12 aug 05

How important is it to level your potter's wheel? It seems like it
could make a difference in throwing taller forms.

I have found it to be imperative to level my work tables for
handbuilding taller forms. It can really throw off your judgement if
you are viewing something on a sloping (even slightly) surface.


Jon Pacini on sat 13 aug 05

Greetings All ---Hi Gordon--- it's pretty much manditory to level your
wheel head when you place your wheel in your studio. Not that you couldn't
somehow master throwing leaning over in one direction or the other, but if
you tried to pull 'straight up' your foot would always have a wobble in it.
Best regards,
Jon Pacini
Clay Manager
Laguna Clay Co