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shareing my studio

updated sun 14 aug 05


David Woof on fri 12 aug 05

Sue, I think you know your own answer at the heart and gut level so no
advice is needed. perhaps just encouragement to listen to your self and do
the right thing for you. The telling word you've used through-out your post
is ''use''. Are these friends or self centered users? we're supposed to
work out these issues in kindesgarten so exuberant ignorance on their part
is no excuse. But are you projecting a committment to operate your studio
as a professional space or as a community sand box?

''Friends'' and family are the worst offenders unless we train them with
firm boundries. they are the last to be convinced that we are not just
playing and 'can they play too?'

My studio is off limits except by appointment. If i work or share space
with someone it's a professional collaboration conducted with the mutual
respect one expects from such committed individules.

Even my lover who loves to tiptoe up to this boundry with offerings of
champagne, strawberrys and a smile knows and respects this serious
necessity, and I accord her the same, in her studio, her home, her life.
there is no finer offering than this mutual respect for each other's work
and space.

never settle for less from anyone.

David Woof

peering over the edge, reverently taking an irreverent look at everything.