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t: "wood fired kiln" exit flues

updated tue 16 aug 05


Lee Love on mon 15 aug 05

> From: Joseph Passofaro wrote:

> "Is there a reason for the extreemly large exit
> flues that I have seen in so many WOOD FIRED kilns?"

Joe, I think one of them explains that part of the reason
for exits along the length of the back wall is to help distribute the
flame throughout the kiln. On my teacher's noborigama (there is a
diagram in Troy's book), there is a waste chamber behind the salt
chamber, that acts as a sort of exhaust manifold.

In kilns with blowers, the flame is being pushed. But in a
woodkiln, the flame is being pulled through the kiln. In a forced air
kiln you distribute the flame by the location of the blowers. Here in
Japan, they tend to use more burners. But in a wood kiln, the flame
exits are more important.

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