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amoca tile exhibit

updated sat 20 aug 05


Stephani Stephenson on thu 18 aug 05

I'm not just tooting a horn here, but
I went to see the
AMOCA tile exhibit today in Pomona
It is absolutely stunning.
The range of Norman Karlson's historic art tile collection is fabulous.

Examples of Roman mosaic, medieval encaustic tile, Persian and Moorish
tile, beautiful examples of European Majolica tiles from various
centuries and countries, and a comprehensive and stunning collection
of American Art tiles of the last 2 centuries, even some of George
Orr's 'brothel tokens', which I guess qualify as tile! Karlson's
collection is impressive, and I believe 450 pieces from his collection
are on exhibit Also, the examples themselves are quite wonderful,
quite an education, and quite a pleasure to view.

I think potter's would be interested in the exhibit as well, simply to
study the quite wonderful examples of glazes and glaze techniques....
even if tile is not your particular area of interest.
Contemporary work is shown on the walls while the historical
collection is displayed quite well, in kiosk style cases throughout the
museum central space.
The contemporary work is quite varied, as is the historical work, but
museum staff has done a fabulous job making it all work together... a
very stimulating
and welcoming exhibit.
I have seen photos of a number of these tiles in books, but was so
delighted and inspired to see them all together... they really do serve
as sort of a rich and wonderful tableau of some of the more delightful
and creative endeavors in tile over the centuries.

I think that Potters Council tile conference attendees will really
find this exhibit worthwhile and rewarding, and I encourage anyone in
the LA area to see the exhibit if at all possible.

Stephani Stephenson