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tour of potteries and archaelogical sites in south western england

updated mon 22 aug 05


June MacDonald on fri 19 aug 05

Gillian and Alan McMillan of Port Moody, Bitisish
Columbia are leading a tour for all who are interested
in studio pottery and ancient aarchaeological sites.
Alan is a recently retired professor of archaeology at
Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C. and Gillian is
a professional potter, The tour starts Oct. lst 2005
to Oct. 16th, 2005 and there are still some spaces

You can expect to see fine craft galleries, including
the Victria and Albert Museum and the Contemporary
Ceramics Gallery in London, and then travel by private
coach (bus) to the West Country where you will visit
several potters, including John Leach who will have
just opened his enormous 3-chambered wood kiln, and
Walter Keeler. Accomodation will be very comfortable
in good hotels.

Each day, visits will be made to ancient sites,
potteries, the Eden project, and stone age villages in
Devon and Cornwall. In Somerset there will be a tour
through a tile and brick factory, more craft galleries
and castles. More castles will be seen in Wales. The
last days will be spent at Stoke-on-Trent visiting
pottery factories and the Ceramic Museum.

For a detailed itinerary and rates please go to or call Josephine at
1-888-280-6890 or 604-461-4289. Email to


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pinacoid3000@LYCOS.COM on sun 21 aug 05

Hello June,

An absolute must for potters visiting Cornwall is the newly re-furbished
China Clay Country Park. Not only will it give an insight into the
production of the World famous China Clays, 3 millions tonnes are mined
annually, but there is currently a very significant exhibition on:
entitled =91White Gold=92 it is part of the celebration of the 300th birthda=
of William Cookworthy who discovered the clay. Potters whos works are on
show include Edmund de Waal, Tjok Dessauvage and Tony Franks

A bit more info. can be found at:

Hope you have a good time,