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studio potter issue on function

updated mon 22 aug 05


Linda Arbuckle on sun 21 aug 05

For people who do not subscribe to Studio Potter, the new issue (June
2005, v. 33, no. 2) is a must-have. It's on function, and the article by
Garth Clark and response from Clary Illian alone are very worth reading.
I confess I have yet to make it all the way through the articles, but
writers include:

Garth Clark
Clary Illian
Linda Sikora
Mark Pharis
Julia Galloway
Mark Shapiro
Jane Shellenbarger
Tom Daley
Jane Herold
Jeff Shapiro
Jane Perryman
Jordan Taylor

This is great discussion material, with much to respond to. Some of the
questions raised are not only of interest to potters. The Garth Clark
article talks about the difference between repeating classical forms vs.
being a neo-classical creator. I think figurative sculptors have some of
the same considerations. Clary's considered response is also

Their web site:

This magazine comes out only twice a year, has no advertising, and is
one of the more thoughtful publications about ceramics.

The Studio Potter issue on function is for sale at $15.00 per copy plus
$1.50 postage. You can write and order issues, using a bank cheque or
Visa or Mastercard.

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