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crystalline symposium & exhibit: "latticestructures"

updated wed 24 aug 05


jesse hull on tue 23 aug 05

Hello all,
I wanted to post a final update on the all crystalline
ceramics event, "LatticeStructures", before it occurs.
With about 100 seats made available for purchase,
we're almost full. Happily, now that summer is
nearing an end, more and more students are applying
for the reserved-free seats.
It's gained alot of attention across the globe -very
exciting to see. Below is the press release, and you
may check out more info at:
If anyone is interested in attending, now would be the
time to call!

"LatticeStructures" is a two-part event focusing on
Crystalline Glazed Ceramics.
The Exhibit will be held in the Red Star Studios
Ceramic Center Gallery, Kansas City. Artists were
selected from the living pioneers and current
pathfinders of crystalline glaze research and art;
those that bring diversity to this genre of ceramics.
As an International Event, it will feature over 20
artists from Australia, Canada, S. Korea, the United
Kingdom, and the United States. The Exhibit will open
on Friday, Sept. 2, and continue until Oct 15.

The Symposium was created through communication with
several of the exhibiting artists, along with
sponsorship from technical leaders in the ceramic art
industry. Those sponsors with something specific to
offer crystalline ceramists were selected, agreeing
that they would also provide informative support to
the event as presenters. The goal was to meld
experience from the technical/industrial level with
that of the artistic, in order to provide the most
informative event possible. This stage of
"LatticeStructures" will occur Sept. 3-4 (following
the Exhibit's opening night) at the Screenland Special
Event Facility, located a few blocks from Red Star.

The venue for the Symposium has about 100 seats
available, with some of those reserved as scholarship
seats for students who can apply online.
Information on the Event can be obtained at:
WWW.LatticeStructures.COM, or by phoning the curator
at 1.816.588.7263.