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m.a.s' in the u.k.

updated wed 24 aug 05


Pat Southwood on tue 23 aug 05

Thanks for the info Andy.
I could take the distance learning option, given that I am stranded in =
the cultural desert that is Norfolk, but after an inspired bit of =
lateral thinking i looked up the U.E.A site - I think I am going to =
look into the M.A. in World Art
at University of East Anglia. I can specialize and it's close to home.
Having looked up the M.A.'s available from Norwich School of Art I =
think I would rather have an intellectual take on art rather than an Art =
college take on intellectualism. it strikes me that there will be a bit =
less pretension.
Thanks for you imput, it gave me something to compare things to, and an =
awareness of what else is available.
Pat Southwood.