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grade inflation - also, some co-relations with the 'stones'...

updated fri 26 aug 05


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on thu 25 aug 05

Hi Kathi, all...

Grade inflation, schmade inflation...

I m-a-y-b-e, might have wished to see the stones at-one-time, before
Altamont say, m-a-y-b-e, when Tickets were four or five
dollars...which is about all they used to be or ever should be.

Niel Young and Crazy Horse played at the 'Sock-Hop' where I had one ( 1 )
intoxicating slow-dance with Michelle Hazen (imagine a softly wiggley
spell-binding vision of a very young Ava Gardener...) in the San Bruno Park
recreation hall in 1965...we were both 12...


It was free...

Hash Brownies somtimes occurred through the kindness of older (able in the
kitchen of) sisters and so on, as in those innocent times, could and did

The Grateful Dead, the Jefferson Airplane, Country Joe and the Fish, The
Birds, Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, Quickslilver Messenger
Service, and others of course, used to play in Golden Gate Park, or, in
time, at the old Avalon Ballroom or thence the 'Fillmore' and those tickets
were like four or five bucks, and the formal concerts always had wonderfull
playbills or fliers of which I still have a few buried somewhere or other...

Then too, the stones played at 'altamont' and the bad vibe of THAT was
in-the-air for DAYS before it went down.

You could smell it in the 'Winds'...the Winds that alsways carry wiffs or
scents of things-to-come...

I had friends saying, "Hey, lets go see the stones! they're gunna play at
Altamont!" and I thought, "Yeeeeesh, THIS does not sound 'good' at
all..something feels 'evil' here with this situation...something feels

So I said, "Not for me!"...and I did not go.

Altamont was a crap hole of booze vomit and bar brawl creeps and dissafected
job morons from grimey lowpay factories and east bay slums and turnip truck
bpottom of the barrel drug culture one, NO ONE with half a brain
would ever, EVER schedule anything but 'trouble' there...

They went, I stayed home...


'stones'...stones and hell's angels and acid and pool cues and mud and blood
and broken noses and caved in skulls and so on...


But regardless, if more than free or five bucks or something, then they can
go piss up a rope...

Stones-schmones...sell-out they have not made enough dough

Dried out old carcases...hell, they should have used THEM for that damned
'science exhibition' just as they are.


Give me Country Joe McDonald, give me Donovan...give me Pete Seeger even...

Jeeeeeeze, at least they remained true...and I love them for hired
help of hells angels with pool cues and knives and heavy boots for rib
stomping while teeming with acid-and-stricknyne rubberbanymouth 'smiles'
with wangies in the air, no greed and bullshit, no 'altamont' for them...

Would YOU pay five hundered bucks to see those creeps do anything?

Not me...

I would not even pay the "21" to see them if they were propped up in the
travelling 'science exhibit'...


And memory lane...


Las Vegas

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From: "Kathi LeSueur"


> The problem has been with us for decades and is one of the reasons we
> find it so difficult to compete in the world market. We just don't
> expect enough of ourselves. We are the only first world country that
> thinks it's a good idea for students to have months off in the summer so
> they can forget what they learned. We show little respect for those in
> the teaching profession. We'll pay $500 for a ticket to the Stone's
> concert or $125 on sneaker for our kids but bitch if our property taxes
> are raised $50 a year to give the teachers a raise.
> If you don't demand high performance from your kids you won't get it.
> Kathi