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****tip of the week/tile tales*****

updated mon 29 aug 05


Frank Colson on sat 27 aug 05

Tiles! So many tiles over so many centuries. Probably tiles were the first
form of using clay for function. The Tile Conference in Pomona,
California, is coming into play October , 6-9. It brings me back to my
early toilet training -Pomona, and Claremont ,where Soji Hamada blew
into town as a guest artist for the first time and turned me onto clay.
Where I made my first tile that was my submission for my BA.

The simplicity and the greatness of tile making! The one sole element with
which a person can expresses themselves directly with earth and fire. The
ability for a person to evolve with clay in a small laundry room and a
little electric kiln. Those early beginnings led me to San Miguel de
Allende, later down the line, to build and operate a hand made tile factory.
"Factory!" Huh! That's what they call a chicken coop, dirt floor, and 2
young girls, pounding clay into plaster press molds in Mexico! A Factory!
Still and all, we made
an average of 1000 tiles a day! Sent them all over the world! Couldn't
avoid tiles where ever I went; noticed them, studied them, made them into
time eternal! Finally found a roost with the Tile Heritage Foundation. You
will find them there in Pomona this October! Don't miss
introducing yourself to Joe Taylor and Sheila. It is the best thing that
could happen to you if tiles are in your past or your future.

Frank Colson