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oil drum kiln

updated thu 8 sep 05 on wed 7 sep 05

Greetings unto the list! I have an old oil drum that I want to convert into a cone-10 kiln. The drum is a bit rusty, but is structurally sound. I've read the article on the Bath Potter Suppies site. I still have a few questions.
I'm thinking about building it in a manner similar to many of the oil drum raku kilns. I think the one I've used has IFB as the floor. Is this the right material, or should I use something else?
It's been recommended to me that I coat the inside of the drum with a refractory coating--ITC-200 or 250, I think. What do y'all recommend? Can I find it near the Portland Oregon area, or will I have to special order it from the manufacturer? How much of the rust should I remove from the walls before applying the ITC? Yes, "as much as possible" would be the ambiguous response--should I attempt to get down to bare metal, or should an hour or two of scrubbing with a wire brush be sufficient?
What's the best type of fiber to use? I'd like to keep the firing chamber as large as possible, but I'd also like to get up to cone-12 if possible. (I'm working with materials indigenous to the Pacific Northwest and preliminary results indicate that there are some igneous rocks that may melt best above cone-10.)
I intend to fire with propane. I was orignally thinking of using a standard Venturi burner, but it was suggested to me that another burner type might be better.
Any other advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Nathan Miller
Thistillum Pottery
Newberg, OR

Tony Ferguson on wed 7 sep 05


2700 degree fiber. Minimum 2", 6" is best. You will need to button it with ceramic buttons and high temperature fasteners.

Scrub the rust off as best as you can.

You do not need ITC. Use a rigidizer, if you want, on the fiber.

Burner type: 500,000 weed burner, eclipse burner, or call Marc Ward (ward burner systems)and he will sell you a good burner.

Tony Ferguson
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