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potters council tile conf - carpool from s.f. and/or roommate search

updated thu 8 sep 05


Maurice Weitman on wed 7 sep 05

Welcome back, claybuds... I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend
off as I did.

I'm planning on attending this irresistible conference, and I'd love
to share expenses and time with others attending.

I live just north of San Francisco and expect to leave here between 9
and 10 am on Thursday, 10/6.

Would anyone like to carpool with me? I'm happy to do some to all of
the driving, my car or yours.

Also, I'd love to find a roommate, or some way to lessen the expense
of housing. I neither smoke nor snore.

Maurice, in sunny, Autumnal Fairfax, where Celia and I watched a
juvenile Goshawk sitting in a tree outside our house, alternating
between watching us and looking for his next meal. Picture on