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letter from jeff schmuki

updated fri 9 sep 05


Antoinette Badenhorst on thu 8 sep 05

Thought to let you see this letter I received from Jeff Schmuki. His =
can also be seen on
. Our thoughts and prayers are with =
guys. Saterday will be very hard for them.

"Thanks for thinking of us. Lee Renninger and myself lived two blocks =
the beach in Gulfport. I am this Saturady the 10th of September flying =
to salvage what is left. Images from NOAA satillite tell us the house =
is a
total loss and our studio has half a roof. Lee's position at Harrah's
entertainment and my professorship at William Carey College on the Coast
most likely ended with the destruction of those propteries. Both Lee =
myself will be unable to complete current commissions or those that are
planned. We hope to salvage works that are already scheduled to =
Our plans for rebuliding are yet unknown. We can both be reached =
our websites: and . Also I have not =
able to contact any other artist from the area. I know Tony Wright of
Mobile and Keven Turner of Gautier are suffering as well. As for Lee =
and I,
We are trying to figure out just what to do. Once we know more then =
know what help might be necessary. Thnak you Antoinette,"

Jeff Schmuki



Antoinette Badenhorst

105 Westwood Circle

Saltillo MS, 38866