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pomona tile conference: roomies, etc.

updated fri 9 sep 05


Stephani Stephenson on wed 7 sep 05

Hi all
I have been contacted by one female who is looking for another female
to share a room at the
Potter's council tile conference in Pomona....

are there any other females conference attendees out there looking
for roomies!?
Let me know , and I will see if I can put you in touch!

then of course there is Maurice!

glad you are coming , Maurice!

Marcia tells me she is sorting through her gazillions of mouthwatering
slides of
architectural ceramics
from exotic places all over the world
just so we can all know
that SHE has been there in person.....
Richard and Mary will simply make you drop your jaws
the tilesetters are digging deep into their generational banks of wisdom
Doug is preparing to make us jealous as we watch how gracefully he
moves the clay
Gregg and Jon will make us spell, no sing, about rheology and other
Broadway tile hits...
Jon will enlighten us about da clay! da clay!
Shel will share what he has learned in a lifetime of architectural
Dave will insert essential five syllable concepts about ceramics into
our brains using only one to three syllable words
the Motawis will make us all leaner but not meaner in our studio work,
Noel O. will tell us about work that mattered
I will demonstrate the joys of thwacking
Christi, Brian, Carole will shine a light on essential California
tile traditions, personalities, and dramas
Norman will share not only his astounding collection of historic tile
on display at AMOCA, but will
regale us with stories as well.
Tile Heritage will be there with tiles and books,
Jeff and Susan will be there to make it all work just fine
AMOCA will be there with a great exhibit and food too.
There will be lots of lovely folks of fabulous , though rumor has it,
possibly dubious character
converging for
the knowledge, right?
though, admittedly I have heard rumors that it might also be for ....
the party?

see you there
Stephani Stephenson

Stephani Stephenson