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surfing with helen bates - september 19, 2005 - canada, france, usa

updated mon 19 sep 05


Helen Bates on mon 19 sep 05

Surfing with Helen Bates - September 19, 2005 - Canada, France, USA

Barbara Joy Peel (Haliburton, ON, Canada)
(Barb was one of my pottery teachers "way back when")

Peggy Heer (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) (1941-2000)
(I just recently found the scan of Peggy Heer's website
from c. 1999. Photos of many of Peggy's lovely pieces were cached,
including a number of the larger images. Clayarter and fellow-Canadian
Jim Speers designed the website, and got it uploaded in time for the
archive robot sweeps to catch much of the site before it was taken off
the server.)

Philpott, Mary (Wandering Fire Pottery & Tiles) (Stratford, ON, Canada)
(Lush designs in hand pressed and hand carved porcelain tiles)

Bill Lynch, Penns Creek (Mifflinburg, PA, USA)
(Gas and wood-fired stoneware and porcelain pottery)

Le prieuré de Manthes (Manthes, France) (French) (Altavista Babelfish translation)
(Click on "Les expositions et leur vernissage" or in the translation,
on "Exposures and their varnishing." Click on any of the links to
"Exposures" and check if there is a ceramist in the group. By the way,
the machine translation "Exposures and their varnishing" means
"Exhibitions and Openings." The French for "Opening" is "Vernissage"
and more literally, this word would mean the process of "varnishing."
I presume most artists would have timed the varnishing of their oil
paintings to the opening of the show the paintings were entered in. My
painter husband says oil paintings shouldn't be varnished before 6
months after the painting has been completed. Anyway, I guess the
reference to the prepararatory varnishing of a painting prior to its
showing at an exhibition got transferred to the idea of the opening of
the show itself... )


Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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