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surfing with helen bates - september 19, 2005 - switzerland, germany,

updated mon 19 sep 05


Helen Bates on mon 19 sep 05

Latvia, South Africa

Surfing with Helen Bates - September 19, 2005 - Switzerland, Germany,
Latvia, South Africa

Hello, here (at last) are a few more "Surfing" sites:

Valda Podkalne (Riga, Latvia)
(Porcelain sculptor)

Magy Reist (Bottmingen, Switzerland)
(High fired porcelain and stoneware, with crystalline and other glazes)

Gertraud Möhwald (1929-2002) (Halle, Germany)

(Clay sculptor)

Technical Ceramics training in Hohr-Grenzhausen, Germany (Fachschule
für Keramikgestaltung in Höhr-Grenzhausen): (German language only) (Tiny Url to Altavista Babelfish machine

Light from Africa Foundation (South Africa)
(The Foundation trains and employs South African women in hand building
and decorating ceramic candle holders. Income from certain sales goes
to help aids/hiv children. The founders of this organization are
Anthony Record, born in South Africa, and Carole Turner-Record aka
Carole Stevenson Turner, born in the USA. The latter is the author of
the book "Adoption journeys : parents tell their stories", Mcbooks
Press, Ithaca, N.Y. (1999)

Belleville, Ontario, Canada

Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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