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updated wed 21 sep 05


mel jacobson on tue 20 sep 05

we will wait for official word, but things are in real flux.

it is not about helping out. be realistic.
how many galleries will be out of business?
scheduled shows are gone.
small hotels, business places gone.

it takes time to get things back.
so, no need for an opinion page on this.
we will wait and see....but finding a new venue
will be critical. this is a big deal.
and, without question...making an exchange of dates
would be much more sensible.
planning an event as big as nceca is very difficult.

the reason this came up at all is based on searching
for hotel space for clayart. barbara brown got me a list
of hotels in new orleans...i was calling around.
zero...nada. and won't be for a long time i was told.
so friends have been searching around, information gathering.
from mel/
for gail's year book.