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studio search & material donations

updated wed 21 sep 05


Andrew Francis on tue 20 sep 05

Hi folks,

Moving to DC area (Arlington) and am looking for coop studios or shared
space or school that is looking for a teacher or part time tech and other
opportunities for a potter in that area. What better place than Clayart?

First Come- By end of September-
Secondly, I do have a few hundred pounds of dry materials for sale or to
donate to a good cause and several hundred pounds of ^6-10 clay in white and
brown colors available for free. Clay is in both ready to use, ready to
recycle (wet) and ready to recycle (dry). Some Miller and some Sheffield.

Materials list is extensive. Everything from small amounts of alumina
hydrate to volcanic ash. Also EPK and GB, Neph Sy, petalite, in 50 lb bags.
Includes many colorants and yes, there is some Cobalt Oxide included.
Also, tin oxide. Several hundred bottles of Harrison Bell Glazes as well -
never opened (small bottles).

Please ask me for a more comprehensive list if interested. Other items
include shelves, tables, ware boards, bats, plaster slabs - more - on a
first come first served basis with any reasonable offers.

These items must be picked up. Please do not ask me about buying individual
items - I cannot parse out hundreds of small amounts of materials. If you
want the small containers of dry materials, make an offer on the lot please
or let me know about your organization to which I will be donating. These
are containers of varrying sizes (margarine up to restaurant style plastic
tubs) of old and new materials. Excellent to get someone started or to add
to an existing inventory.

Thank you all!
Andrew Francis