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surfing with helen bates - september 22, 2005 - thailand, taiwan,

updated fri 23 sep 05


Helen Bates on thu 22 sep 05


Surfing with Helen Bates - September 22, 2005 - Thailand, Taiwan,

Somluk (Pantiboon Doy Din Dang Pottery) (Chiang Rai, Thailand)
(Doy Din Dang means Red Clay Hill. Pantiboon apprenticed in Japan,
returning to his native northwestern Thailand and setting up his
production pottery in 1991. The pottery makes mostly high-fired
wheel-thrown stoneware with "natural glazes derived from wood, bamboo,
ash, rice stalks, leaves and clay.")
(5 pots by Pantiboon and a panoramic view of a pottery exhibition held
at the Rama IX Art Museum in Bangkok, Thailand, in 2000.)
(The Rama 9 website homepage is:
Here are a couple of other ceramic links for this website:
(Links to a panoramic view of a 2004 pottery and ceramics exhibition,
with links to individual artists' works)
(Here, Somluk Pantiboon's first name is spelled "Somrak.")
(Potter Surojana Sethabutra)

John Ang and Jane Fong (Asia Living, Ceramics section) (Taipei, Taiwan)
(One artist, currently dinnerware potter Young-Jae Lee, is featured and
a few others are given a short bio and critique with a modestly-sized
image of a selection of their work.)

Martin McWilliam (Sandhatten, Germany)
(McWilliam, born in South Africa and educated in England, makes
coil/slab-built Stoneware "Trompe-l'il" objects, coloured with kaolin
slips and wood-fired.)

Angewandte Kunst Bremen (Bremen, Germany) (German language)

(Translation by Google) (To translate the individual artists' pages,
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(Belleville, ON, Canada)

Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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