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updated sat 24 sep 05


Lili Krakowski on fri 23 sep 05

Following the thread about the Young Person wanting to study crafts--the
suggestions are revealing.
All refer to Major Institutions. I do not know what the per annum cost of
Vince's school is, but my hair stood on end when I got the last RIT
info....What a far and cruel cry from my time.

NO idea what Young Person aims to do. My humble (and I mean that literally)
suggestion would be that YP go to an appropriately located State college,
majoring maybe in Art education. And then head to places like Joseph
Campbell and take classes specifically in what she wants. I have no idea
what part of the word excels in beads (which seems to be what is wanted)
but she may need a year or so abroad to get specifically what she wants. I
cannot find my calculator, but I expect the difference between a State
University and a private school tuition will pay for that year of specific
study with specific people.

My suggestion would be: get your BA or BFA done and over with at minimal
cost--then target what and where you want to study your specific interest.
And don't forget Canadian schools--some are tooth-rattling good....

From what I see and read blue-collar style craft schools are rare and rarer
in the US. It all is ACADEMIA writ large....

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage