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updated sat 24 sep 05


marianne kuiper milks on fri 23 sep 05

Hi Lili,

YP (Jessica) doesn't quite know what she wants either,
which is why I, her 10-yr piano teacher and friend,
tried to find some places to sample from, broaden her
horizon and spark her interests to match her current
skills and search. (Boy, Ch. Dickens would've LOVED
thAt run-on!)
She draws well, designs and makes her own clothing,
doesw fabulous embroidery w/wo bead work, paints well,
loves photography, baskets, st. glass,you name it -no
clay :).
I urged her to look at FIT, PRAT and RIZD, but all she
wants (now) is go to Madison to stay with her aunt. Oh
If that's the school for her, she should go. But I
want her to see what's out there.
About the tuition: we just put 3 1/2 through. (one has
one sem. to go)All said. Then: our income is a bit
better than the almost 40 yrs ago that I started.
This girl's father miraculously recovered from
throat/lymph cancer (so far, anyway) and had no income
for over 2 years so the tuition issue is a tough one.
(Too late for $ help: working again) You are correct.
It "undresses people",as we say in Holland.
I had thought about Campbell as well. But she doesn't
want to be a teacher - then she'd rather study
biology. Figure that.

Anyway: you and all are thanked for your help, imput
and interest - all is forwarded to Jessica so that
some day the young can guide the old.

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