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divits, firm bottoms

updated tue 27 sep 05


David Woof on mon 26 sep 05

Earl, I think there is a question in your post. Yes you seem to be on the
right track, there is a theory about uniform compression of the walls and
bottoms and many teachers expose their students to this idea as a
preventative for bottom cracking during drying as well. To accomplish this
w/o making the divit, use a rib if you can access the space or else three
fingers drawn up to present an even finger tip "edge" and make three firm
passes from outside toward and over the center. If now you have moved more
clay to the center than you desire, a pass now from center outward will
redistribute the clay where you want it. You will now have a firm bottom.
Don't we all wish it so?

Joyful potting,

David Woof

peering over the edge, reverently taking an irreverent look at everything.