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peter anderson festival 2005

updated tue 27 sep 05


Anne Webb on sun 25 sep 05

Since the hurricane people dont seem to be thinking much about art down here
on the coast, and with good reason.

I was kind of astounded when i heard that they are still planning on holding
the Peter Anderson Festival in Ocean Springs, MS, this year despite
everything. (Ocean Springs is right across the bay from Biloxi.. the two
towns were connected by that bridge that is no longer there. and ocean
springs lost over 30% of the homes)
Anyhow, I am all for stiff upper lip and hats off to them for trying to
provide some sense of normalcy and some tribute to Shearwater, but ......

I have heard that the interstate is still impassible and the drive from
Pascagoula to Ocean Springs takes a good 2 hours. True? Then there is the
hotel situation.. are there going to be any rooms? If you are an out of
town artist, where would you stay? And do enough local artists still have
studios? Who are going to be the customers after such devastation?

What is it actually currently like in Ocean Springs? Can you local people
on the list maybe tell us your honest take on the situation? Is it still as
bad over there as I have been told?
Would be interested in hearing people's opinions on this and the decision to
still hold the show...good or bad.
(if you would prefer to email me off list that's ok... no matter)

All the best to everyone who was hit hard by the storm. I think about you
every day.


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