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surfing with helen bates - september 25, 2005 - belgium, norway,

updated tue 27 sep 05


Helen Bates on sun 25 sep 05

England, USA, South Africa, Spain, and Mexico

Surfing with Helen Bates - September 25, 2005 - Belgium, Norway,
England, USA, South Africa, Spain, and Mexico

Hi Gang...

Here are some more browsing sites:

Marc Verbruggen (Kunsthuis Den Visch) (Kalfortdorp, Belgium)
(Clay and mixed media sculptural pieces - especially interesting are
the busts)

Gunilla Maria Akesson (Forde, Norway)
(Glazed abstract and non-representational sculpture)

Christine-Ann Richards (Wanstrow, Somerset, England, UK)
(Classic container forms in austerely decorated glazed thrown porcelain
and very large outdoor pieces such as vases and water features made by
the coil method)

Sandra K. Webster (Cyber Psycho Ceramics) (New Wilmington, PA, USA)
(Pottery - what it contains as an illustration of aspects of the human
psyche - an intriguing concept by this ceramist and professor of
psychology at Westminster College.)

Catherine Brennon (The Underberg Studio) (Underberg, South Africa)
(Pottery by Cathrine is hand-built, mainly delicate bowls and sturdy
figural vase-like forms.)

Antonio Soriano (and others) (Espacio Ceramica) (Gijon, Asturias,
Spain) (Altavista Babelfish machine translation)
(International summer school, and local ceramics teaching for adults
and children - another combining of the psychological and the ceramic

Gustavo Perez (Zencuantla, Veracruz, Mexico) (Spanish) (Spanish) (English) (English)
(Beautiful cut and darted vessel-based forms)


Belleville, Ontario, Canada

Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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