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thick slip saga/stepanie s

updated wed 28 sep 05


mel jacobson on tue 27 sep 05

i just removed about thirty pieces from my bisque kiln
that i slathered with thick white porcelain slip.

it was:
25 epk
25 silica
25 ball/om
25 feldspar/custer
added: about 3 percent bentonite.
water to make a thick slurry. i let it set for about
two days...with about 10 fast electric drill stirrings.
(i pick up my flu liners monday at smith sharpe (i am so lucky to have
them here in mpls/st. paul...) take gary moore for mid/east lunch and then
will stop by continental clay and get some darvon7.

pots are as smooth as a babies bottom.
clean application with no crackle.
it does really extend the drying time. man, it was like they
never get dry. and of course several of them just melted into a
pile on the table. thick slip on damp greenware is tricky.
it is imperative that the walls of the pot be consistent in thickness.
a thin spot will suck up water in a heart beat. splat.
it was funny however to walk into the studio the next morning and
see about every 5th one...melted into a small pile on the table.

so, we will see after the firing both raku tea bowls and
some high fire yellow chinese saga the farm this
a small gang will gather...spit, tell stories, pee outdoors.
fire kilns. the guys will use the indoor toilet.

stephanie stephenson cannot join us...but after he `boob catches
pot` get a small sense of why the hay creek gang cares
so much about her. she is funny, confident, smart as hell and knows
how to get things done. she is a star, and we are very proud of her
and her last big tile job. huge tile job. like a football field of tile.
sent to new zealand. you don't do jobs like that and be whiner.

from mel/
for gail's year book.

Norman Aufrichtig on tue 27 sep 05

i think adding paper to the slip will make it a lot more manageable,
can wait till its dry before adding the slip. haven't tried this but have
done this but have added paper clay to non paper clay and it worked.
would also open up the clay and get rid of the melting and drying problems

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L. P. Skeen on tue 27 sep 05

Mel, this won't happen if you apply the slip to leather hard ware. Leather
hard is just dry enough to handle, but just wet enough that it doesn't
absorb more water quickly. That's been my experience with it anyway. :)

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of course several of them just melted into a
> pile on the table. thick slip on damp greenware is tricky.