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las vegas potters?/thick slip

updated thu 29 sep 05


Mary K on wed 28 sep 05

Hi all,

I have been unsubscribed for about a year while
attending to my painting needs, but am back now
because I missed clay so much , and really missed
clayart letters every day, hearing what everyone is
doing. I am convincing myself that I can paint and pot
at the same time.....was that a loud guffaw???
Anyway, I remember there was a potter from Vegas who
writes in often, and was wondering if he would contact
me offlist, as I am visiting the area this weekend,
and I know I will tire of "the strip" after one day. I
would love to visit a pottery if possible while there.

Also, Mel, last year I did a lot of thick slip
application to my pots, It was applied when the pots
were not yet leather hard, but after setting up well..
after throwing.,... thick, juicy, yummy. I had no
cracks at all. After applying the slip I covered them
up and let them dry very slowly, equalizing the water
content over time. My slip was my regular ^10
porcelain, mixed up in the blender to a thick slurry,
applied to the same clay body. A happy marriage. No
lost pots :)

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