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updated thu 6 oct 05


Bonnie Staffel on wed 5 oct 05

Thank you, Julie, for the 577Foundation web site. Mrs. Stranahan was
involved with other like minded people of the Toledo/Perrysburg area
back in the early 50's and formed the Art Ambassadors group. When I
attended the Toledo Art Museum clay classes with Harvey Littleton, he
suggested that I contact them to apply for a scholarship to attend
Cranbrook. This I did and received the money to go to this great

To add to this bit of history, when I was an older teenager - around 16,
I had met the daughter of the caretaker of the Stranahan estate. She
invited me and another friend to come over for a visit. We rode our
bikes from Maumee, across the river, to see this beautiful house and
gardens. I still have photographs of that day.

Thanks for the memories.

Bonnie Staffel