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kelly's academic piece

updated wed 12 oct 05


JOYCE LEE on tue 11 oct 05

Kelly, you really ought to consider tightening this up a bit (a tiny =
and submitting it for publication to one of the mags. Maybe CM's
Opinion Page with a picture. Seriously, this ought not to be only
for Clayart, important as this venue is for those of us who enjoy =
The picture could be of you..... or of you and Molly... or the
one of Molly as a princess or imp or whatever it was that was so

Thank you, however, for sharing with us.

In the Mojave Desert of California USA where the cooler weather is=20
permitting WALKING again...... walking, without winding up shot for
the day on a couch with cold cloth to forehead and lots of ice water,
recovering from a near heat stroke. Our Time is here, the reason we
continue to live in the Mojave.... when the world beckons to us retirees
who theoretically could live ANYWHERE we could afford. I fantasized,
even though living alone.... well, with one little fluffhound... maybe =
from place to place fulltime. But when I arrived at this juncture, the =
for a stable anchored spot outweighed that gypsy beckoning from my soul
to meander for awhile. Don't be sad for me. We did our traveling while
young and too poor to do so....... did it anyway...... thanks be. Carpe =

Kelly wrote:

> It occurs to me that after attending a lot of workshops, I find myself
> learning way more than what is being demonstrated by the presenters.
> I was blathering at length about this last night, and hubby suggested =
> write about it on clayart. I would love to suppose he values our =
> exchange of ideas here, but I rather suspect he was eyeing the clock =
> thinking how early he had to get up for work =