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updated thu 13 oct 05


Tony Ferguson on wed 12 oct 05


Well, still recovering from the firing. How you doing Jeff? Jeff Guin form Lacrosse and I fired the kiln together from Friday evening to Sunday evening October 7,8,9. All in all, I think the firing went well and we'll find out this Saturday the 15th at 3:00.

We loaded the kiln with about 200 works in clay ranging from tea ware, to 24" vessels reaching cone 13 in the front top and bottom and cone 10/11 in the back. If you want to understand heatwork, a wood kiln is the place to see it--we held temp in the front and heatwork had its way in the back--that would also go for reduction and oxidation. Cone 10 was half way down on the bottom and soft on top when I check again through the back stoke hole. I could see glaze running down the pot and that was good enough for me--so I called the firing. Heatwork will mature the work to the desired or not desired cone before the cone will register the correct temp figure in ash and residual soda this time and cones really only become a guide. Physics is an amazing thing. Visit my website for pictures of the loading process and firing. More pictures to come next week after shooting the work.

I loaded differently this time with packing the back very tightly and the front loosely with the idea that more flame and ash would be carried to the back as well as retaining heat in the back of the kiln. Keeping my fingers crossed.

It was a true pleasure working with Jeff and really too bad more clayarters did not take advantage of this firing. Jeff and I had a great time. Being an ex-ranger, let me say Jeff's humble toughness is match equally with his kindness and work ethic. Like myself, Jeff is into the Zen of things and tea ware and I hope we'll work together again soon. Thank you Jeff! Again, a real pleasure and see you on Saturday for the kiln opening!

Tony Ferguson

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