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korean master potter-kim yong moon seminar-10/29 & 10/30 at

updated sat 15 oct 05


John Baymore on fri 14 oct 05

Glassel in Houston

The price for this workshop mentioned here is an absolute STEAL!!!!!!!! I
had the pleasure of being one of the presenters along with Kim Yong Moon
in 2002 at the Aomori International Woodfire Festival in Japan. He is
amazing......... take advantage of this great opportunity. He's a great
potter, he's had some broad experiences to share, and he's a
real "character".

One day when we were all working away making stuff in the domed sports
stadium in Aomori... he said he was goiong to make 400 teabowls. Somehow
you never actually SAW him working hard at it......... but suddenly the
floor of the stadium was COVERED in teabowls and more teabowls. I have
some great pictures of that.....and video of him showing Carol Ann
Michelson from Canada how to trim some of them on a Korean wooden

Make sure that you find him a drum......and a party to use it at. If he
brings some Korean "hot sauce" along for food....... if you try it....
have a fire extinguisher handy .



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