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pottery at pucker gallery

updated sun 16 oct 05


Emily Tevald on fri 14 oct 05

Hello CLAYART Folks,

I met my first CLAYART people this summer at the International Ceramics
Festival at Aberystwyth. I was there as a representative of Pucker
Gallery where I work as Ceramics Curator. I visited with Phil Rogers, the
Welsh potter, and attended the Festival. Aberystwyth was phenomenal and I
had a memorable experience. CLAYART has continued to be a helpful tool as
I continue to learn about the world of clay.

Please consider this posting an invitation to visit Pucker Gallery when
you are in the New England area. We have four floors of permanently
installed work and a first floor for temporary exhibitions. We represent
12 individual potters and have extensive collections of pottery from the
Japanese village of Onda on the island of Kyushu and the people of
southern Africa. Presently, porcelains by Brother Thomas are installed on
the first floor. The potters we represent are as follows:

Brother Thomas
Sung-jae Choi
Fance Franck
Shoji Hamada
Kang-hyo Lee
Ken Matsuzaki
Richard Milgrim
Hideaki Miyamura
Onda Yaki
Phil Rogers
Tatsuzo Shimaoka
Southern African pots
Noriyasu Tsuchiya
Makoto Yabe

If you cannot visit the Gallery in person, please take some time to peruse
our website at There we have selections of images
of each of the artist=92s works, as well as access to our exhibition
catalogues in PDF format.

2006 is truly going to be a year of clay at the Gallery. We are looking
forward to receiving new pieces by Phil Rogers and Ken Matsuzaki shortly,
as well as a brand new collection of Onda Yaki=97our first in three years!

Please take note of the forthcoming pottery shows at Pucker Gallery:

7 January Sung-Jae Choi
11 February Hideaki Miyamura

18 March Phil Rogers
20 May Kang Hyo Lee
17 June Ken Matsuzaki

If you do have an opportunity to visit the Gallery, please be sure to ask
a staff member to give you a guided tour of the five floors of pots! We
also have books and catalogues on many of the potters available for
purchase, as well as videos that you may watch during your visit. And
yes, you can touch and pick up the pots!

We hope to see you at the Gallery or hear from you via phone or e-mail!
Please feel free to contact us with any questions:
Pucker Gallery
171 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 267-9473

John Baymore on sat 15 oct 05

The Pucker Gallery on Newbury Street in Boston truly is a GREAT resource.
If you are anywhere in the area and have not yet "discovered" it..... it
is WELL worth whatever effort it might take.

And as Emily says.... don't miss the UPSTAIRS rooms. There is far, FAR
more there than first meets the eye in the downstairs section. But you
need a staff member to take you up the elevator. I have taken friends and
students there on many occasions... and the staff are very friendly and



John Baymore
River bend Pottery
22 Riverbend Way
Wilton, NH 03086 USA

"Please use compuserve address for any direct communications."