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updated mon 17 oct 05


louroess2210 on sun 16 oct 05

On Oct 15, 2005, at 4:05 PM, pottery walili wrote:

> hi !
> my name is adil i'm managing a pottery in sal=E9 in Morocco ; we =20
> work with clay i'm interss to coop=E9ration with your pottery for =20
> echange experience , eight artisan work with me and we have nice =20
> product my workshop it's open for you on echange i hope you open =20
> yours i need a training for improve my experience .
> thanks
> my phone 2123780 57 34 adil

Adil, It would certainly be interesting to see what kind of pottery =20
you are making in Morocco. Do you make stoneware pots for every day =20
use, or big jars for storage, or fancy pieces to look at?
I'm not clear what you are asking - do you want us to send you pots =20=

to sell and you will send us pots to sell, or do you just want to =20
swap pots in friendship?
Best wishes, Lou=