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gallery responsibility or the artist's?

updated thu 20 oct 05


Meryl Ruth on sun 16 oct 05

My question concerns breakage at galleries. Is there a standard =
practice regarding breakage when one has art work at a gallery?=20

When delivering work to a gallery I make sure that the owner and I go =
over prices, complete contracts, and at least talk insurance. I have =
never insisted on the contract making reference to when and if pieces =
should break during the showing of my pieces. I've had pieces break on =
route but never at a gallery before. I have insurance which has covered =
broken pieces if UPS is delivering them.=20

Recently a piece did break while it was in a gallery. The gallery owner =
simply gave the piece back to me without any monetary compensation. I =
have done well at this particular gallery, like the gallery owner and =
didn't want to argue about the return of the piece. But I want to know =
what the protocol is. What have others done regarding this issue? What =
added component should I insist be placed in the contract between myself =
and the gallery?=20

Meryl Ruth, Porcelain Grace

earlk on wed 19 oct 05

On Tue, 2005-10-18 at 19:26 -0500, Vince Pitelka wrote:
> Ah, if it were a perfect world . . . . .

Well Vince, I would go into great depth explaining
my philosophy on this but my horse and armour are
ready and I must go tilt at a windmill to right the
unrightable wrong.

bothell, wa, usa